Enable checking for available updates in fresh Manjaro KDE Plasma environment

To begin with, I had installed Manjaro’s XFCE installed as default.
After reading that KDE Plasma has become slightly more efficient than XFCE, I decided to give KDE a try. So I installed all of the main recommended packages for KDE Plasma (plus a couple of packages from the kde-applications group), on my current installation.

Pretty happy with it. But I would like to be able to enable the same update-checking-on-startup that default XFCE has, in my new KDE environment. I’ve looked through available widgets in my new KDE Plasma environment, and cannot seem to find anything resembling what I’m looking for.
I’ve also looked on Google, if that isn’t apparent. No results helped.

Should it help, here is a raw pastebin of my installed packages as of writing this. (THIS LINKS TO RAW TEXT, so you can just wget/curl (& grep) if you want)

If this post is unclear in any way or I provided insufficient details please don’t hesitate to let me know.
Thanks in advance, lovelies. :kissing_heart:

Do you mean tray icon? Install pamac-tray-icon-plasma and adjust in pamac preferences how often should check for updates.

Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for, appreciated. :smiley:

(the following is a suggestion to any who work on Manjaro or more so those who maintain the wiki…)

Ideally this should already be found at the [KDE installation for Manjaro](https: //wiki. manjaro .org /index.php/ Install_Desktop_Environments#KDE_Plasma_5) since it’s an integral part of the Manjaro experience. It’s good to have these essential parts on display, for example I installed sddm & the breath2 theme mentioned there.
Perhaps it can be found in the kde-applications group, I’m unsure as I haven’t verified this, but it should be offered immediately.

(apparently I can’t make posts with links in them?)

Even tho you solved your issue, worth mentioning: your XFCE install had a package called manjaro-xfce-settings and for KDE Plasma there is majaro-kde-settings. Those two can’t reside together, you have to chose one, and will install all the settings and tweaks done by Manjaro for that particular DE.
Some of the files that will replaced on /etc/skel/ might need to be now manually copied on your home directory. The tray for pamac in KDE Plasma is an optional dependency of pamac, you have to chose it manually, because is handled different in XFCE. Gnome and KDE Plasma, so those can’t be offered/installed automatically … Since your Pamac was already installed, there was no offer to cose a new optional dependency.

You are new to the forum.

Thanks for letting me know. :smiley:

Yeah, I get that. Weird though that I was able to create this thread & include links in the OP just fine, but not subsequent posts thereafter. That was what I was hinting at with the “apparently.”

Thanks again. ^^

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