Emptying the TRASH not possible

Hi Community,

I can no more emptying the trash.
These files are not complete recovery files that I pushed in the trash because the process was interrupted.

Error Dolphin:
Cannot delete/home/philline0/. local/share/Trash/files/Videos/recup_dir.3/f47381736.mpg.

Please what shall I do ?
Thanks in advance

Are you sure there was a space between . and local?
Mount the share /home/philline0/.local/share/ again and then try to empty the trash.

What do you mean by “mount” the share / hone/phill…
this rep is one of my ssd - it is mounted at launch …?image

Can not delete the files rep. nor files inside (500 files-1.5Go)

Ah, I see.
An empty trash just contains empty files and info directories, so:

$ rm -fr ~/.local/share/Trash
$ mkdir -p ~/.local/share/Trash/files
$ mkdir -p ~/.local/share/Trash/info


in fact a new Trash was created under local/share.
but the old trash directory is not erased even rm command.
In fact, i receive this objection for each file
rm: cannot remove ‘/home/philline0/. local/share/Trash/files/Videos/recup_dir.1/f1769056.ifo’: Permission not granted
rm: cannot delete ‘/home/philline0/. local/share/Trash/files/Videos/recup_dir.1/f0876752.mpg’: Permission not granted
rm: cannot delete ‘/home/philline0/. local/share/Trash/files/Videos/recup_dir.1/f1119904.ifo’: Permission not granted
is it question of Permission to erase the Trash ?

:thinking: old trash meaning /home/philline0/. local/share/Trash/... (the one with space?)
For that try: sudo rm --force --recursive ~/". local"/share/Trash
Double click inside the command i give above to select all of it exactly, then copy and paste in terminal.

Thanks a lot to you both !
sodu rm - -force … it is a well hammer ! 2Go files came out of my ssd !
Have a good evening both and Happy new year on MJO-KDE.
:snowman_with_snow: :snowman_with_snow:
Philline0 - A basic user.

@Philline00, you really should ask yourself how the " " came into that folder name, these things do not happen by oneself…

Hi Wollie,

nobody run this machine except I -
I only run a recovery files program … maybe it was not the good one … if you can recommand me one the best.
I was surprised not to be able to erase my Trash as administrator …
Thanks to the community to solve this problem.
And have an first good day 2021

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