Empty files in home folder

I deleted the templates folder (I don’t need it), but the files inside it are recreated after a reboot (empty bash, empty desktop file and empty file). Can I prevent Nautilus (I guess it’s Nautilus) from recreating them? Thanks!

$HOME/Templates is a default XDG path.
You probably dont want to delete it.
If you absolutely must remove that folder from view, I suggest you actually move it.
For example, somewhere like: ~/Documents/Templates
Then, importantly, you must define that path in ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs so that the line corresponds.
For example, it might look like: XDG_TEMPLATES_DIR="$HOME/Documents/Templates"


great, thanks!
since I use Arch in another machine, I just thought I could delete whatever is in Home folder, because Arch’s Home folder is empty… I use Arch but I’m kind of a noobie

:face_with_monocle: … no it isnt? Not normally, anyways…
As I said - these paths (Documents, Templates, etc) are default standards of XDG.
I think have yet to see any linux distro without them.

For example … in your case … that Templates folder holds default templates for files.
Such as if you RightClick>CreateNew … you might have the option to ‘create a new desktop file’ because of the desktop file template there. Its something your desktop is expecting.

Do me a favor and show from your Arch install : ls ~

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it isn’t? maybe I deleted them all as well, I can’t remember (I only use Downloads folder). I installed Arch 2 months ago and I’m stressing it. if it breaks, I’ll just install it again. I do those random stuff for learning.
but thanks for your patience!

I mean … its linux … you can do whatever you want. But a number of them are ‘standards’.
And Gnome especially doesnt like you messing with its standard stuff.

I guess, if you want it in such a way … maybe create something like
(.files and .directories are ‘hidden’)
Then place all those regular folders there … and augment the ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs path like above.
That way you have your spiffy empty HOME … but xdg knows where to look for those things.

I guess similarly … put a . in front of all those default directories and do the same kind of edit.
They are still there … just hidden.

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It’s very handy. Just because you don’t know what something is doesn’t mean you don’t need it. :wink:

Stop breaking it, then. Arch is meant to install once. Perhaps start by not deleting things.

Sounds like you’re learning as you go along, keep doing that! :+1:

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