Emphasizing guides

I have a few suggestions to emphasize guides contributed by the community towards support seekers:

  • add a new category: Contributions > Common answers
  • move tutorials in Q&A format to that category
  • link the categories Tutorials and Common answers from there

There are two points about that:

  • i think the tutorials lack visibility, as at first glance they don’t seem related to the Support category
  • some contributions are actually about explaining why rather than how, and it may help finding them if they have their own category
    – it may even improve comprehension to split tutorials doing both, and link one part to the other when relevant, like “before doing that, here is why…” or “to do xxx nonetheless, see…”

:-1: :+1:

Don’t rub your chin too much or you won’t need a shave anymore. :grin:
More seriously, any comment?

Sorry for the late reply. :pensive:

In a way they do and in a way they don’t. The way Discourse works, they are actually quite visible for anyone wanting to look for them.

But there lies the problem. Nobody’s interested ─ or at least, none of the newbies. They even have a huge search box in front of their noses with the recommendation to do a search first before posting, but they don’t even see that. All they want is to post about their problem and get an answer yesterday.

It’s more than a little frustrating, I can tell you that much. :confounded: