Emergency mode from bad poweroff on encrypted disk => boot-efi / Local File System

Hi again my Friends,

I was using a WINE application whose freeze let me to log out. The log out caused a black screen, and then I decided to manually restart the computer with the physical buttons.

  • WINE mess-up => then too hastily restarted during log-out

After decrypting the drive, and what appears to be a normal boot – emergency mode is entered. Now logging in as asked lets me gather that the filesystem appears relatively intact (no visible problems).

Having skimmed through the full journalctl -xb logs. I’ve come across the various points/ideas, most of which are likely noise:

  • Disable Spectre V2 protection in UEFI
  • Something related to “usb 3-6: config 1 has an invalid interface number: 2 but max is 1”
  • Failed to mount /boot/efi <== (researching this atm.)

he logs are rather long nearly 3000 lines and hard to scrub and copy, please ask if there is something specific for a section.

Logs snippets:

... during mount:
PM: Image not found (code -22)
... during "inserted module 'crypto_user'
KD_FONT_OP_GET failed white trying to get the font metadata: invalid argument.
...  During LUKS Cryptography setup for, and then later for NVIDIA:
Disabling lock debugging due to kernel taint 

... during: mounting /boot/efi
.. unknown filesystem type 'vfat' ..
.. boot-efi.mount: Mount process exited, .., status=32/n/a
.. boot-efi.mount: failed with result "exit-code".
.. Dependency failed for Local File Systems.

“exiting” with systemctl default circles back to the initial emergency mode.
Any ideas?

mkinitcpio -P:
depmod: ERROR: failed to load symbols from /tmp/mk.../....zst: Invalid argument

  1. (Reddit - Dive into anything)
    modprobe vfat => modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'vfat': invalid argument.
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Thanks @fasto and (fabby ofc.), just executed this – really does feel like magic. Any ideas for how to proceeed?

I’m afraid I am out of my depth on this one, I just make it my mission to spam the good word of REISUB whenever I see it is needed. Good luck on resolving your problem!