Embracing Python

Simple question: what Python IDE is good?
I have no clue what Python is. That’s not true, I know what it is. But…one can know what a car is, yet not be able to drive one.

Python IDE…hmm

I recommend VS Codium. It’s free. And has many extensions and themes. And VS Codium is literally a fork of VS Code but with all Microsoft’s trackers and all that removed.


in the AUR, but since it’s not a driver or something deep-level, I suppose it’s safe :slight_smile:
Let me try that, thanks :hugs:

It vscodium-bin in the AUR, yes.

found it, built it (well, I had the system build it for me) and will fire it up now :slight_smile:

Enjoy! VS Code/Codium is actually a very nice text editor. I use it for PHP, HTML, Javascript, Sass, CSS, Bash and others. It’s really, really cool.

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And check out the Settings sync extension for it. It’s been a lifesaver to me.

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Anything that can do that is welcome :grin:

And more than once is even better. Another thing that"s awesome 'bout it - it"s very lightweight and easy on resources.

Good, because…I have my box tuned now, I think. It’s purring ar an average load of 0.59, with firefox, thunderbird, a mediafile playing, and the IDE open…nice n sweet :slight_smile:

That’s awesome!

Personally, as a beginner, I like Thonny. It’s in the AUR, but it tends to explain errors with a lot of detail, to help with debugging.

Quite a lot to choose from, it seems.
I’ll have to learn Python first. I did that on mousepad, then Bluefish and Geany. All nice, but no code completion…

I just gave PyQT a whack…I took a tutorial and got…into trouble. Is the difference between pyqt4 and pyqt5 THAT big?

Haven’t worked with it myself, but I’m guessing so. Because the difference between QT4 and QT5 is that big. Apparently.

  1. install python virtual environment - most easily done with

    sudo pacman -Syu python-virtualenvwrapper


  2. Download PyCharm community edition from jetbrains.com
    Unpack in you home - run the launcher from the unpacked bin folder.
    (Yes - I know it is in AUR - but with JetBrains tools - you don’t need AUR)

  3. For creating GUI apps - pyside is the official approach using the pyside2 package. (even the brand new Qt6 is supported using the pyside6 package).

Don’t forget the pyside2 tools which can convert qtcreator gui to python - highly recommended.


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