Email not working properly

I have a problem with Email sending.
I have three computers.

The working station can´t send Emails to

The mail system [<>]( host[] said: 554 5.7.1 [<>]( Relay access denied (in reply to RCPT TO

Two computers are working fine.

Where do I begin to search ?

Email sending how? Some particular email client, command line? (what command?), something else?

What errors showing?

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Did you check the difference: versus

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I am using Thunderbird in the latest stable version (115.12.1.).

On all computers, the same Email program is running.

I have checked the Email sending on all 3 computers.

On two computers, the Email sending is working.

The Email adress is
This is Bundesgerichtshof (= same as Supreme court in USA).

Where are the IP adresses saved in Thunderbird ?

There are no saved IP addresses in Thunderbird. What do you mean.

You used the wrong mail address.


Yes, this is the problem.


Over night, the pre saved Email adress was changed.

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