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I attempted to reach a website’s support team and got an account wizard popup to set up an email something (what exactly I don’t know) which Ive been working through. I am at the part that reads, “Enter name of News Server (NTTP) for example”
Im totally confused because why do I need to listen to the news to use email on Manjaro?
Obviously this isn’t the case so what exactly is the spell this wizard trying to cast? And what can I use for a news server?

Sounds like you have an email client installed and it is respondent to affiliated file-types and/or links.
However that client does things is entirely up to it, and whatever link you clicked may have its own properties … without more information its still all rather a bit of confusion. :woman_shrugging:

Could you tell which mailprogram you use? Standard at xfce should be thunderbird.

For setting up a mail account on thunderbird there is no need for a news server. So are you try to setup a mailaccount or are you interested in a news server?

For setting up mail in thunderbird you can take a look here:

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Some email clients ─ e.g. Thunderbird, Claws Mail, Sylpheed, et al ─ support NNTP traffic, which is used for downloading messages from Usenet.

Usenet is a network of servers that all carry a list of discussion groups. These discussions have the look & feel of e-mail, but they are public. Whatever you post to a Usenet newsgroup is (under normal circumstances) propagated to the mirrored groups on the other servers, and vice versa. :arrow_down:

If you don’t wish to participate in Usenet discussions, then you can skip the step for configuring an NNTP server ─ it’s only for reading anyway, because sending messages to Usenet goes via an SMTP server.

If you do wish to participate in Usenet discussions, then there are still a few free news servers available. Myself, I use, which is based in Germany. Registration is free, but you do need a working email address.

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Here’s what Usenet looks like in Claws Mail. :wink:



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