Emacs in Manjaro 21 Gnome

Hi, I’ve had this problem before (on Manjaro 20, last year), and that’s why I switched first to Ubuntu, and lately to Fedora. Both of these distros do not have this problem with Emacs. They of-course have other problems (with other stuff) and that’s why I’m back now to Manjaro 21. I was hoping that the problem have been solved, but apparently not. This is not actually a bug, just a very annoying cosmetic problem, but as I spend 90% of my time in Emacs, this is very annoying.
The icons on tool bar menu are missing, or not recognizable, as compared to Emacs on other distros. Is there a way to fix this?

No - other than using the distro which works for you there is no solution.

I’m not using emacs myself, but this sounds like an issue with the gtk theme. Try setting different theme or icon set in gnome-tweaks to see if that might help.