Elitebook 8540p needs new OS

Hi all,
For my studies, I needed a laptop. I got one: an HP Elitebook 8540p. Nice gear.
Of course, there is one smudge (it is second hand after all) : windows.
The disk shows two partitions.
Now…HP is the successor of Compaq, and Compaq had one snag: not to erase the boot partition. Is that still the same today?
The aim is ti paste the snap of office365 on it, just to be compatible…

Hi @ButterflyMelissa !

After reading the manual (yes that is the first thing i read when i have a new hardware), I see that the laptop has no UEFI, but a pure BIOS. So in that case, you can skip the UEFI topic. If you do a dualboot setup here, then there is in general no need for a boot partition, but recommend. Grub will write its bytes to the MBR and point to a boot partition, which could a boot partition, but also the root partition, it doesn’t matter.

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I had no idea to jump to the manual. It’s a second hand, what I got was the laptop, a power supply and the bill (as waranty)
Basically, legacy and go. It will be sinble boot only, The thing is that you need to register everything before you can start, and that is too much info I need to share with too many faceless entities :slight_smile:
Thanks for the info.
I should install Manjaro, then.