Elisa music player not indexing correctly

Elisa music player is not indexing my music correctly. I’ve checked and the music folder is correct in settings but some albums just don’t show up.
I’ve tried checking the force indexing box and it gives the same results, not indexing my whole folder.
Rhythmbox indexes everything correctly but I like the look of Elisa better.
Is there a setting I’m not seeing or a way to make it index all my files?
I have all my music in just one global music folder so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work just by adding it on settings.

Well I would say I’m not impressed by Elisa - though it’s nice enough looking, it’s just far too simple and lacks any finesse… for example, it’s difficult to manage the radio stations - there just aren’t any context menu’s to do what you like (so Shortwave is still the best, though Guayadeque is good for Radio too).

Definitely check out Guayadeque - it has a nice smartplay feature which just keeps playing after the playlist runs out.

Make sure you put in only paths that you want scanned… to start with it scanned my /home and pulled in all kinds of rubbish!!!

If you get guayadeque, install breeze-card GTK and

Just the LastFM panel doesn’t modify the font colour - otherwise it’s fine.

launch it with GTK_THEME=Breeze-Card guayadeque to get good fonts in LastFM.

Nordic works too… actually I’m thinking to change to this less bright theme.

GTK_THEME=Nordic guayadeque
pamac install guayadeque should do it :wink: