Eliminating Keyring Prompts

I would like to know how the eliminate continually being required to enter my password in all manner of different places. I do NOT want to have to enter my password other than when I use SUDO in the Terminal.

You wrote in your profile you are using Xfce, then I’d recommend:

To use GNOME Keyring, simply tick the checkbox Launch GNOME services on startup in the Advanced tab of Session and Startup in Xfce’s settings. This will also disable gpg-agent and ssh-agent.
Xfce - ArchWiki

Tried the suggestion and got — “Did Not Connect: Potential Security Issue”. Interesting! Apparently the site is mis-configured - or something.

The title says you want to eliminate the keyring, but your request

makes me think you want to enable a password manager which meant to enable the keyring.

The ArchWiki site is working fine for me.

I think you are saying that whever you issue an sudo command you do not want to be requested to enter your password, ever… if so then you can use visudo to edit the sudoers file, move to the end of the file and add:

username ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL where username is your account username, obviously.

No that is not correct. I simply do not want to constantly be asked to type in my password. I’m fine with having to use password with SUDO but not because I want to go into my browser or to continue working after being away from my computer for a while.

Do you mean you don’t want your screen to get locked?

At the risk of the obvious, why don’t you simply set no password for your account and then you’ll never need to enter it…

However, if the only thing which is bothering you is your screen locking when left idle for n minutes, turn off screen locking… you don’t state which desktop environment you’re using so we can’t give you precise instructions for turning it off.

The site suggested now loads; I tried it and followed the suggestion but it only partially accomplishes what I want. I have no NEED for using a password to get into things after the system sleeps but that continues.

Turn off the screen lock for your desktop environment. That means you’ll only ever enter a password to initially log in.

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Maybe OP is referring to the mangled way chrome tries to handle keyring?
(if not handled properly some folks get prompt every time they open chrome)

Otherwise … what password prompts are you trying to avoid exactly?
Some things require admin rights - such as Manjaro Settings Manager to install kernels.

It seems the title of Eliminating Keyrings has nothing to do with what OP wants to achieve.Seems like he’s sick of entering his password to unlock the screen merely because he stepped away… the lack of accurate problem description or any info on his current config isn’t giving anyone much to work with.

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Yes I thought thats a given.
Well … not ‘nothing to do with’ … I think they want to not be prompted so often with keyring validation.
I have edited the title to reflect that.

But yes … I dont think disabling password or sudo validation or any of those things are the issue.
Sure you could disable all these things … but what the problem really is is there is something wrong with OPs configuration for unlocking keyring/wallet and keeping it unlocked.
(that and some confusion of terms and expectations I suppose)

Of course we cant know for sure until we get some better description.