Electron22 failing to build due to disk space, filling up 60gb available in root(electron is the devil)

What gives? Whats the work around? I have already moved flatpak from my root drive to my home folder. I have TBs free on a HDD. Do I temp move the pacman build folder to my HDD, build Electron22 - 30 there, and move the build folder back after it finishes?

AUR (en) - electron22

Because the same issues come up over and over, here are some FAQs/tips:

  • Check if you still need this. It is in the AUR because it is EOL and removed from Arch official repos since no official packages depend on it. If none of your other packages depend on it, just remove it.
  • If you do still need it and don’t want to build it, consider switching to electronNN-bin.
  • If you do build this, yes it takes about 40 Gigs of sources and a lot of CPU to build.
  • Using the chroot build methods recommended by Arch will make this much easier, especially to not run into conflicts with node versions, etc.

But alternative AUR (en) - electron22-bin is flagged out-of-date 2024-05-15

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And also … do you even need it ?

I just decided to uninstall all the applications that do not use at least Electron30. I had 1 application each that used nearly every Electron, 22-30. Rocket chat, balena etcher… I just uninstalled all of them for the time being and will reinstall when needed. Not interested in having to restart updates and clean caches after each of these Electrons installs.

Kind of on the same topic. Learning to navigate node dependencies and its not really clicking. DrawIO wants nodejs 20. I only see node 18 in the official repos. Npm doesnt want to install Node 20, and Ive read using sudo npm is bad practice. Researched “n” and “nvm” but they seem like unnecessary work arounds. What would be best practice? Just wait until the official repo puts up Node20?

When nothing requires a certain Electron version, Arch drops it from the repos to the AUR. If you still need an older version, install the binary package from the AUR so you don’t have to spend hours building it from source; i.e., electron22-bin.

Electron versions <=27 are EOL (End Of Life) and insecure.

No such thing. Did you mean pamac? :wink:

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AUR (en) - balena-etcher-electron-bin - Flagged out-of-date (2023-12-02)

AUR (en) - balena-etcher - no electron dependencies

For KDE isoimagewriter from Manjaro extra repository
Or ventoy for copy/pasting ISO instead of creating a virtual image disk

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Yeah, that guy. I get him and his brother confused on occasion.

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