Electron not found when launching a software

When i try to launch a program using electron i have

usr/bin/electron: ligne 20: /usr/lib/@ELECTRON@/electron: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type

line 20 is

exec /usr/lib/${name}/electron "${flags[@]}" "$@"



set -euo pipefail



declare -a flags

if [[ -f "${flags_file}" ]]; then
mapfile -t < "${flags_file}"

for line in "${MAPFILE[@]}"; do
   if [[ ! "${line}" =~ ^[[:space:]]*#.* ]] && [[ -n "${line}" ]]; then

 exec /usr/lib/${name}/electron "${flags[@]}" "$@"

i must edit /usr/bin/electron


What is the problem ?

Usually an app using election will pull the required dependency.

Perhaps the app is made for another distribution e.g. Ubuntu - in such case you will need to figure out which version (at least 25 possible versions) and install it using pacman.

So I suggest remove the app and reinstall it.

If it is something you setup manually you should contact the developer.

What program? Why did you not tell us to begin with?

Is it a top secret program you’re not allowed to talk about? If so, then you probably shouldn’t ask for help here. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Please see:

That is a token for replacement which was ignored at packaging.

Because the software is semi legal from AUR… It was compiled with electron 25 only. After today’s electron update, no problem. The culprit was not my mysterious software. :slightly_smiling_face:

extra/electron25                    25.2.0-1

What does that even mean? Does not compute.

I updated all the ARM Electron packages yesterday. :man_shrugging: