Electron 16 build consuming 30GB of disk space!?

My root partition ran out of space. I had a quick look with Filelight and it seems that the most recent release of electron16 from the AUR is consuming huge amounts of data. Anyone got any idea why this might be happening or how I can further diagnose and fix the issue?

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if you are using btfs on your root - you cannot trust filelight

Also, compiling Electron is the same as compiling Chromium, so yes, 30 GB space seems likely.

If you don’t need Electron16, remove it before updating.

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33GB here and my Laptop is compiling it for 3 hours and ongoing.
I don’t know why I have it on my disk and can’t remember it took so much time at the last update.
The build/install process must have changed in the past!

The package was dropped from the repo to the AUR recently. So if you didn’t uninstall it before the update, Pamac will just update it from the AUR, which takes time.

What AUR package do you have installed that requires electron16?

pacman -Qi electron16 | grep 'Required By\|Optional For'

If you still want said programs installed, use the binary version, electron16-bin.