Elden Ring doesn't launch after game patch 1.09.1

Elden Ring worked fine in Steam, right up until April 18, 2023 and game patch 1.09. Now, with the latest game patch 1.09.1 it no longer loads. I get the “Initializing” screen,m then nothing. Meanwhile, Steam says Elden Ring is “running”.

I have done the “Verify Integrity of Game Files” thing and it doesn’t help. Other games like Snowrunner work fine. Any ideas or just wait for a fix?

Okay, I just got Elden Ring working… I’m using the native Steam app on Manjaro and I’ve always used the “Proton Experimental” but that was no longer working.

So I tried this and it worked:

I did not have to make any other modifications to my system and I can still go back to Proton Experimental in the future.

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