eGPU severely slows down system

Hello, my eGPU seems to slow down system, at least graphicly as it feels like it’s running at 15 fps. Mouse is responsive, apps, windows, games (graphic settings don’t affect anything) have some input lag.
External monitors dont get signal until i log in.
AMD drivers seem to be properly installed

Laptop: Lenovo V330-14ikb
CPU: i5 8250u
eGPU: RX570 4 GB connected via NGFF connector into EXP GDC (replacing wifi)
Dual boot windows and freshly installed manjaro KDE (had to reinstall since it completely froze while donwloading update and wouldnt boot)
2 monitors + laptop screen (full HD, 2x 60 and 1x 144 Hz)

I’m kinda new to this and while I did use manjaro as my main system for quite a while, I never had to deal with drivers or anything too comlex. So i have no idea what could have caused this (except it being an eGPU). And i would like to solve this quickly so I’m here.
(Also i wouldnt mind a link to some documentations, books and other sources to learn “how to linux” so I could solve my problems myself)