Edit Video to Shrink Size

I use a TV tuner connected to an antenna. The files are saved in .mts file format as quite large files.
1 hour from 4 to 8 Gig

I want to know best way to reduce file size without degrading video too much.

We have many tools available just wonder what people might recommend


If you just want to reduce size / re-encode / transcode. That’s the software to use.

PS: It’s in the repo.

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transcode is another thing I have used - if you like the command line (which I doubt)
besides directly using mencoder and/or ffmpeg with custom parameters (found by trial and error)
That was a long time ago …
handbrake is easy to use and gives very good results

The Arch wiki often provides a good list of recommendable tools:


Also video editors could be a good choice.

Thanks for the info you all provided.

I will be testing Handbrake at some different settings to see if it shrinks the files sufficiently.
Default handbrake shrunk 4 Gig to 1.2 Gig but I should be able to do better.

While testing I will use ffmpeg in the konsole as it seems to work well.
I was able to shrink a 1.9 Gig file to approx 450 Meg using this command

ffmpeg -i ‘filename.mkv’ -c:a copy -c:v libx265 ‘filename’.mp4