Edit cursor theme (Colloid Pastel)

Oh you change the colors of those… Would I have to hassle much if I wanted to replace the pastelly light blue dots with my own pastelly color?

These are built using a build script.

Looking at the project it has some instructions for using it.

To test it out I went ahead and did what I might have done - replace the the blue with a teal.

My steps
## Here we download only the cursors from the icon theme
git clone -n --depth=1 --filter=tree:0 https://github.com/SueDonham/Colloid-pastel-icons
cd Colloid-pastel-icons
git sparse-checkout set --no-cone cursors
git checkout
cd cursors
## Here we remove the original prebuilt directories
rm -r dist-dark dist-light
cd src
## Outside of the terminal I inspected the colors before settling on what to replace with what, then the command:
find ./ -type f -exec sed -i -e 's/84b2ca/84cabf/g' {} \;
## Return to project base directory and build
cd ..

Seems to have built fine.

So you can do about the same, OR if you just want to download that I threw it up here;
(including slight modifications unlisted, ex, Title=‘Colloid-cscs-pastel-icons’ to keep it separate)


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So did I, thank you, I followed your suggestion replacing teal with a pale orange (had to install xcursorgen first and did rerun build).

Do I have to run ./install.sh to make it an available option in System Settings?

I did not uninstall the default Colloid one, however newly created folders the folders seem to be different ones. I copied them to /usr/share/icons as well to avoid Flatpaks using DMZ style.

I logged back in but did not reboot yet, maybe I have to?

You may want to also edit the index.theme files.

From there you can copy and rename the built folders into ~/.local/share/icons or /usr/share/icons manually or…

If you use the script you may want to check it and set the THEME_NAME.
According to the docs it will place in ~ or /usr/share depending on if it is run with sudo.

I think the built script already made it/brought it into the .local part. From there I copied the folders to /usr/share/icons. Or maybe I imagined that all and those are the default theme ones. Will restart my system and see if I’m set already.

Edit: oops those were the icon theme ones I installed XD

Hm now looking this is all a bit messy. The default one seems to be in ~/.icons/Colloid-pastel-cursors-light/, that cam from the install via System Settings I believe.

The build should only build.

~/.local/share/icons and ~/.icons would be equal if it werent for .icons being kinda deprecated.

…and I just looked again, and indeed the install.sh script uses the old .icons path. :person_shrugging:

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Ok I think I made it now. Thank you for your kind explanations. Will post screenshots if it still works after a restart.
Realized the blue in the dark theme is different from the light one. And now did build it again and then both



sudo ./install.sh

For user and system wide install. Just love the color editing and in general, getting rid of KDE blue.

And now I know what SVG or similar-typed files are for.
The cursor theme seems to be perfect for my Plasma theme, I did edit out 2 more colors.
There is one small annoyance, (esp.) the corner resizer is a bit pixelly at size 72 [when compared with the Breeze cursor].

I don’t know how to read code well, just did trial-and-error stuff in the past like you see my Simple Monitor top right, but looking at the build script, there might be some lever I can handle to get the icons up in quality? As the base files do not seem pixelly at all when I open them in Gwenview.

If quality is manageable, would bigger than size 72 be buildable too then?

The svg files are what is used to build the final cursor files.
(and what we edited before the build)

Looking at it … there is a section for size*24 | bc … but with 72 a round multiple of 24, I dont really know what could be improved there.
It may be a a problem of the graphic itself.

You should be able to add extra sizes to the line

SIZES=('1' '1.25' '1.5' '2' '2.5' '3')
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Maybe commenting the line below will give it a few more pixels?
res=${res%.*} # truncate at decimal

By the way will I need to eventually mark this as solved or do you want this to become a general cursor editing thread?


Thanks again, I wanted somethig reddish/orange-ish, now I switched to
zinia-cursors-light (the red version).

It’s basically Breeze with less max size (unfortunatley!) but color options, preferable to Colloid because the corner resizer isn’t too much different from the side/bottom/top resizer.

There are no decimals. 3*24=72.00000

No particular opinion.
I had only cut this out of the other ‘cursor themes’ thread once this sorta became its own thing.

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