Easystroke after kde update create glitch black squares

After installing the last update via pamac, the easystroke gesture drawer started to create black squares on the desktop. How do I fix this?

I solved the problem by changing the easystroke method of show gesture to XShape. But I wonder why the default is broken?

After major update of the system, some AUR packages, like easystroke would require a rebuild against the newer libraries, even tho the AUR package itself has no updates. Do that and see if things get better.

Also, it seems you have a GTX 1650 … what driver and what kernel are you running?

I have the same problem.

Switching to Xshape solve for a time, but after some time (or using other software probably), the black squares come back, as if easystroke reset in default mode (but xshape is selected). Select Default, and select back xshape fix again.

For rebuild, should I need to uninstall, build and reinstall AUR package ? I try to click on “build” in Pamac, but with no obvious results.