EasyEffects killed for unknown reason

When I use EasyEffects and I add an Equalizer, then upon any attempt to change a slider in the applied equalizer using grab and move (by mouse), the OS kills EasyEffects due to its CPU usage. It seems Manjaro can’t handle those fast intermediate values that are automatically applied during the fast movement of the slider.
Any way to force the OS to not kill EasyEffects ?

See Moving any Equalizer slider by click and drag crashes Easy Effects under Wayland · Issue #2419 · wwmm/easyeffects · GitHub

EasyEffects: 7.0.5-1
Operating System: Manjaro Linux 
KDE Plasma Version: 5.27.6
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.107.0
Qt Version: 5.15.10
Kernel Version: 6.4.1-3-MANJARO (64-bit)
Graphics Platform: Wayland

Your log only tells that the service was stopped after running for 14 seconds.
There is nothing about killing.

Please don’t post pictures

If I launch EasyEffects using the following command I get:

G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=easyeffects easyeffects
(process:2805): easyeffects-DEBUG: 01:12:29.734:        easyeffects.cpp:35      easyeffects version: 7.0.5
(process:2805): easyeffects-DEBUG: 01:12:29.747:        easyeffects.cpp:45      locale directory: /usr/share/locale
(easyeffects:2805): easyeffects-DEBUG: 01:12:29.809:    presets_manager.cpp:49  system input presets directory: "/etc/easyeffects/input"; 
(easyeffects:2805): easyeffects-DEBUG: 01:12:29.810:    presets_manager.cpp:49  system input presets directory: "/etc/xdg/easyeffects/input"; 
(easyeffects:2805): easyeffects-DEBUG: 01:14:49.104:    equalizer_band_box.cpp:142      finalized
(easyeffects:2805): easyeffects-DEBUG: 01:14:49.118:    equalizer_band_box.cpp:132      index: 3 disposed
(easyeffects:2805): easyeffects-DEBUG: 01:14:49.121:    equalizer_band_box.cpp:26       data struct destroyed
(easyeffects:2805): easyeffects-DEBUG: 01:14:49.126:    equalizer_band_box.cpp:142      finalized
(easyeffects:2805): easyeffects-DEBUG: 01:14:49.132:    equalizer_band_box.cpp:132      index: 6 disposed
(easyeffects:2805): easyeffects-DEBUG: 01:14:49.141:    equalizer_band_box.cpp:26       data struct destroyed
(easyeffects:2805): easyeffects-DEBUG: 01:14:49.142:    equalizer_band_box.cpp:142      finalized
zsh: killed     G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=easyeffects easyeffects

Open easyeffects, go to “Preferences” > “General Tab”, is “Shutdown on Window Closing” enabled?

It’s disabled.

The app is not closed by systemd - what you pick up on is a message on a unit stopping execution. That by itself is no error.

No. If the app is closing - it is closing - if it is unexpected then it is a problem in the app’s source.

There is no way to force an app to continue execution if it decides to close - unexpected or not.

The problem is that the app is forced to close by the OS and not by itself, on another laptop with slightly better CPU this problem doesn’t occur. It seems the OS once it detects that an app is using too much CPU due to high processed number of intermediate values when the mouse is moving the Equalizer slider, then it will kill it.

Is the system in question low on resources - e.g. no swap?

The reference issues point to an issue with gtk4 - and as Plasma and Gnome is two different toolkits?

I cannot deduct what the issue is but from the explanation given by devs in the issue it may be a race condition somewhere in between Qt toolkit and GTK toolkit.

You will have to compare the two systems more closely - see if one implements xsettingsd and the other not.

Have you tried to adjust setting using tab and arrow keys?

title adjusted as the os won’t kill any application for using cpu time.