Early KMS for Intel GPUs

Hey Everyone!

Is it still necessary to include i915 in the MODULES=() line of the mkinitcpio.cong file and append i915.modeset=1 to my Kernel boot parameters? I’m having a weird purple screen flash during boot, and I can see the message “i915. 0000:00:02:0: [drm] ERROR CPU pipe A FIFO underrun” in the dmesg output. It doesn’t seem to matter if I use the LTS or stable kernel (5.12).

Laptop is a Dell XPS 9310 with Intel Iris Xe Graphics.


…this is not default, you changed it, but the arch wiki gives other advice to your model (hope it’s the correct one).


I haven’t actually changed anything yet, and the screen flash does not give a hanging feeling that your link describes.

My concern is the Arch Linux wiki suggests that this is necessary, but from my understanding i915 is baked into the Kernel, so I’m not sure if that is necessary anymore. I’m not really worried about the screen flash as I can hash that out another day, however I do want to make sure that I have early KMS working, and I’m not seeing a way to validate that it is.