Dying Light screen tearing issues on Nvidia GPU

Has anyone else had screen tearing issues using the native Linux version of Dying Light through Steam on Nvidia Graphics card and proprietary driver?

Out of all the many native Linux and Proton and WINE wrapped games I have installed through Steam, and the manually installed GoG and Humble Bundle ones, this is the only title I have a problem with.

I’ve made a previous post about it in the Graphics & Display section in the following link:

Does anyone have any further insight into this?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Edit: Solved! Running the Proton version resolved screen tearing plus other bonuses. See my post below.

It runs much better using Proton. Note that many “native” games are just the Windows version with an old bundled version of Wine.

Hello Yochanan, :slight_smile:

I think you and I were on the same wavelength. Not only was I reading that exact ProtonDB entry for Dying Light earlier today, but was also reading the link below and all the user comments:

Quote from the above link:

Dying Light is up next, a personal favourite of mine. Also no benchmark mode I could find for the Linux version, so a comparison video keeping it as close as I could:

As you can see, both versions work quite well. I’ve completed the game more than once and I was actually happy enough with the performance of the Linux version, it was good enough and playable. However, the Steam Play version with Vulkan is at times around double the performance of the Linux version which is quite striking.

And roughly double the performance in FPS is also what I got!!!
In addition, the graphics surprisingly look noticeably better, and on top of that, this solves my screen tearing issue with this game completely! Hurray! :smiley:

I ran it in Steam with:

gamemoderun mangohud %command%

And logged the FPS performance. Average FPS 58, see screenshot below. Though just casually watching the FPS counter while playing, it got as low as 19FPS in areas with lots of zombies, and otherwise typically hovered between 47 to 55FPS without lots of zombies or characters nearby. Still very much playable, and much more smooth than the native Linux version. Compared to the Native Linux version that I did not log with MangoHud, but just casually watching FPS counter was getting 27 to 30FPS typically, and less than that with lots of zombies.

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