Dumb question - zip file installs go where?

I’m a long-time dev moving to my first linux OS as may main. I’ve used linux in the past so I’m a small bit competent, however I have a very dumb newbie question:

When I download a zipped application to install, the instructions are usually: download zip to folder of choice, unzip, run installer. So… where is the application actually installed to? Is the installer pointing my path variable to whatever location I happened to unzip to?

EDIT for clarity: in this case I’m talking about the AWS CLI and SAM. Using ‘which aws’ shows /usr/local/bin/aws’, so I assume it’s in a safe spot and I can remove the unzipped stuff from my Downloads folder?

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Wherever the install script tells it to.

We’re in 2022 though, so you should install apps with package manager or, if not available in aur/repo, make a PKGBUILD yourself.

Well that makes sense, assuming the installer doesn’t put it someplace dumb or just uses current location. Thank you!

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