Dumb Question: What does "-Fazy" do in "inxi -Fazy" (Man pages unclear)


Okay, so here’s one you can all definitely make fun of me for. I’m trying to figure out what all the option flags do in the inxi -Fazy command.

-F is full (give all the info).
-z anonymizes the output so it’s suitable for public sharing (no MAC addresses, etc.)
-y with no argument sets output to 80 columns

But, I can’t find any info on a. What does it do?

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-a outputs substantially more information.

I think its “Admin Extra Data Options”

From the man file. inxi [-x|-xx|-xxx|-a]

-a being the maximum verbosity.



inxi -Full -v8 
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       These options are triggered with --admin or -a. Admin options  are  ad‐
       vanced  output  options, and are more technical, and mostly of interest
       to system administrators or other machine admins.

       The --admin option sets -xxx, and only has to be used  once.   It  will
       trigger the following features:

Thanks, everybody.

Not sure why I couldn’t use the “Find” command to find the reference to -a in the man pages…

When browsing man pages press / and type your query and it will highlight all applicable text. Press N to cycle through them.

It’s all in man man my man, press h when browsing a man page for the manual of commands, man.



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Now there’s a good question to ask when someone takes the mick out of some Ubuntu user for copy/pasting commands.

Wow. This is a huge bug in Linux - surely ‘inxi -h’ should bring up a simple help compared to the manual :rofl:

Saying it’s simple elevates me to the level of pure genius FTW.

So I’d say ‘a’ does combat some tidying of the output…
Look at the info section of inxi -F against inxi -Fa

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You asked for it: Manual pages for man-pages.

Relevant news: Manual pages indexing service

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How dare you, sir.

How dare you.

Interrupting the hurricane of puns with actual extremely useful and timely information that has changed how I search for Linux help.

(Seriously, this is great. Thanks! :slight_smile: )

I know, I know. I wanted to think of a pun. I really, really did. But this was just so wonderful and timely I had to just leave it here.

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We should Recommend The Fine Manpages more often :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

but man inxi is 1968 lines, so it may be better to start with something shorter


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tldr is i the official repos for the python one at least…

There are a few versions of this package, including one by our own @Yochanan



❯ tldr inxi


  Print a summary of system information and resources for debugging purposes.

  - Print a short summary of CPU, memory, hard drive and kernel information:

  - Print a full description of CPU, memory, disk, network and process information:
    inxi -Fz

  - Print information about the distribution's repository:
    inxi -r

It’s a tiny bit too short!!!



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