Duke nukem forever. Lutris

I’m looking at getting Duke Nuke Forever and supposedly it works after installing Lutris. Anyone have any also gotten this Game to work with Lutris/Proton/Wine?

According to ProtonDB reports, it doesn’t work in Steam version.


It seems if you install it from the Lutris install script it could work. However, I see the Lutris install script is installing it in Steam


What did you try?

I don’t have the game yet. I’ve played the demo a long while back, before released.

Any other games that will not work with Proton, but runs using Lutris?

How would I know? Maybe do your research with google and the link I already gave you for ProtonDB.

//EDIT: I’ll install it and see if I can get it to work.

So the plain Steam version doesn’t work.
The Lutris version just installs the game in Steam/Proton so it is exactly the same.

However the game may exist in a version without the Steam DRM, so this should work but the Steam version can not apparently.

//EDIT: maybe I could uninstall it from Steam, clear everything, and retry the installation procedure but FROM Lutris (when I clicked install in Lutris it instantly installed as I previously downloaded the game from Steam). This in theory would result in the same, but we never know it can change something… but I doubt it.