Due to some instability I skipped latest Manjaro update by checking 'Ignore all' option in 'Add or Remove Application" in Manjaro. Now no matter how I refresh or check for update, no update are showing

I use Manjaro KDE edition in Awesome WM.

A few weeks back I updated to latest Manjaro update and some of my application start behaving in weird ways. So I restore the system using Timeshift and pressed 'Ignore all" on the new update.

Later when I try to check update using both ‘Add or remove’ Software and sudo pacman -Syu command nothing happens

  1. Refreshed database and Mirro list , then tried to update using GUI as well as Terminal-> No change and showing Nothing to do
  2. Checked /etc/pacman.conf file for any ignorepkg and there was nothing in it.
  3. Applications like discord is saying there is new update and because of this I cannot open Discord.

Anybody know how to solve this issue?

Where do you have an “ignore all” button? I don’t remember any in Pamac.

This is typical for Discord.

It’s a proprietary application and whenever they release a new version, they block you from using Discord until you install the new version, but that in itself doesn’t mean that this new version would have made it into the repositories yet, and so there currently isn’t any update for Discord in the Stable repo yet.

It’s present in the “Updates” section, when there are updates. At least in version 10.1.

But his profile says Stable branch. Pamac is not 10.1 on Stable.

Not any more. But it has been a couple of times for a brief moment.

I’m also on stable branch, and I have it. :wink:

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The new version of pamac was pushed out prematurely a short while ago ─ about two weeks ago at most ─ and was then retracted again. Not everyone has since then downgraded to the currently supported version again.

Maybe it is the case but from my understanding he restored a backup from a few weeks back, where system was not up to date so it was very unlikely to me.

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By the way, the new version of Discord has just been pushed out to the mirrors. Check here whether your mirror has already updated, and if it has, run… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -Syu

I did all of it. sudo pacman -Syu. No change. Maybe I will wait for few weeks.

I would use sudo pacman -Syyu as it forces a refresh of the master package database from the server(s) even if the database appears to be up-to-date.

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