Dualbooting Manjaro and Windows 7 with a Manjaro full installation?


I am trying to have a full installation of Manjaro and a full installation of Windows 7 at the same time. I only have 1 HDD, but I can add another if it is needed. I KNOW THAT THERE ARE SIMILAR POSTS, BUT THEY HAVE NOT WORKED FOR ME. I currently have a full installation of KDE Plasma Manjaro, and I would like the option to, when booting, go into BIOS and choose which operating system to boot into (Manjaro or Windows 7). It can be either Windows 7 or XP, as the program that I am using requires either one (I have a computer running Windows 11. The software I am using will jailbreak my iPod touch 4g, but I was nervous running it in compatibility mode. If it turns out that I should run the program in compatibility mode, please tell me in the comments). Can anyone help?


If you want to select them from the BIOS you should install them on separate ESPs, or if you dont actually want that and are happy to select the OS from Grub during boot, then let them co-habitate the same ESP … just enable os-prober in grub.

If you arent using UEFI, and thus have no ESPs, then I’m pretty sure its all the simpler.

Though, I might say to use a live linux system to shrink/organize the partitions before the install.

Then again … I’m not sure you actually need a full install as opposed to, for example, a virtual machine.

nevermind I just remembered I have a vm lol

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