Dualboot Manajro/Windows 10 with 2 separate M2 SSD

I’m trying to setup dualboot on my new PC with win10 that already installed on my first m2 SSD and I’m trying to install Manjaro on my second m2 SSD without touching windows EFI partition - is it possible? Since I don’t want to restore grub every time after I update BIOS\reinstall win10 (as it was earlier on my old pc setup with only 1 m2 SSD).
Can someone give me a proper guide how to do it? If it’s possible.

Just install Manjaro on its own drive in the installer select erase the whole disk with auto partition it should work.

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Yes, it’s better than the old days - the worst issue is needing to go to BIOS and reset default boot options.

Grub is good - up/down arrows scroll to select.
rEFInd is simpler - brings up 2 icons, press left or right arrow to select… down arrow to go to ‘settings’ which reboots to BIOS.

If you want to preserve the windows bootloader, when installing to the second drive make sure to also install grub to that drive. You should be able to go into the bios and then select that second drive to normally dual boot. If you ever want to remove Manjaro you can and then change back to the windows drive as the one to boot first.
The grub selection is in the manual partitioning screen. You may have to manually partition the new drive.

Can you please tell me how to do it properly? Because I’ve tried to manually partitioning my second SSD - making 200mb partition with fat32 and selected /boot with boot flag and also created a root partition with ext4 selected / and root flag. Installation was successful but I was only able to boot into windows - no Manjaro loading option in boot option in bios. I’ve also tried to mount new partitions on my second SSD to chroot and made an update-grub option but there was an error “grub-probe: warning: unknown device type nvme0n1” and I still can’t make my PC to boot into grub.

Did you go into the bios and change the boot drive option to the drive you installed grub to?

Have a look here: [HowTo] Use multiple partitions / drives in your Manjaro installation

Yes, but Manjaro didn’t appear in my bios after installation.

Properly = boot from USB, and install - allow the OS to simply wipe and use the entire SSD without doing any manual paritioning. Only ask questions if the OS asks you to choose something which you don’t understand.

Manjaro installer knows what it’s doing, unless you know better.

You will end up with an installation taking full advantage of the SSD.

Grub will just work… and if you interrupt your BIOS, you will see separate entries under the boot menu - it’s ok to set Manjaro as the default.

Thank you for advice, but it didn’t help.
I’ve made an “erase disk and install Manjaro” - installation process ended with success, but I wasn’t able to load to Manjaro with grub and there is no Manjaro boot entry.

Since Manjaro supports only grub - maybe I should enable legacy-boot option on m2 SSD where Manjaro is installed?

Can you post fdisk -l on console ?