Dual virtio video Manjaro as VM only 1 display detected when OS loads (QEMU/KVM)

I have a few VMs, one being Manjaro (also tried dual monitors using Mint as VM, same issue, however, dual monitors with Windows as VM works fine), starting Manjaro VM, I can see at boot time both displays with the POST logo, but once the OS loads / drivers load in Manjaro, only 1 display is detected. Host OS is Fedora (my workplace chose it), one video card with 4 displays.

I am hoping someone with QEMU/KVM virtual machine experience and virtio can help me figure out how to get dual displays for Manjaro (or any Linux) when running as a VM. I can get Windows VM to do this, but not Linux.

I have read through many forums and utilised many command lines, but to no avail…

Manjaro VM Config:

  • Spice Server
  • Channel qemu-ga
  • Channel spice
  • Video virtio (no 3D)
  • Video virtio (no 3D)

I tried QXL, not such luck.

I use virt-viewer to attach.

I am at a loss…