Dual system in dual hard disk

I want to set a dual system in dual hard disk, can anybody give me some comment? This is my configuration:
512GB SSD (Windows 10) Existing disk
240GB SSD (Manjaro) New Disk
The partition format of 2 SSDs is GBT (Both of them)

Here is the question, I don’t know is there any mistake in my ideas because I only install the dual system successfully on a single hard disk before.

My thoughts are like this:
/boot/efi partition installed at the existing SSD, that 100MB Windows efi.
/ partition installed at the new SSD, 40GB
/home partition installed at the new SSD, 200GB

However, do I need to reserve 512MB on the new SSD for the /boot partition? Or compress the existing SSD directly?

Your plan is fine, except skip the last part. Just use the existing ESP (the one already on your ‘old’ SSD), and put your / and /home on the new SSD.
If using GUI installer - during install you only need to select (not format) the efi boot partition (selection menu under the partition table).

Thanks for your reply, is done

Yay. Oh yeah - dont forget about SWAP :wink:

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