Dual monitor setup and desktop/panel positioning

Recently I’ve connected TV to my PC which is located on the left side of main monitor.
Everything is fine when TV is on the right side in XFCE - I mean desktop icons and panel are displayed on monitor (this is what I want). Problem is when I’m trying to set TV to be on the left side - then all desktop icons and panels are moved to TV (even if monitor is set up to be main screen). Monitor is connected via DP, TV via HDMI

Is there any way to avoid such behaviour or there is some bug in XFCE?

It is not a problem, but a feature according to XFCE Team, which is rather uncommon. Everything on left side becomes main if you do not explicitly set the panel in the settings to a specific screen output.

Could you please advise me how can I do that?

@mati1414 Have a look here: