Dual-monitor Portal 2 treats both monitors as one for resolution

I’m new to Linux, but I’ve gotten Manjaro working after driver issues on other distros. but now, when I open Portal 2 it opens on my secondary monitor with its resolution set to 3840x1080 in-game, sometimes centering the cursor between the two monitors if I move the game back to the left (primary) monitor. things work fine when I start it with one unplugged then plug the monitor back in after starting the game. I’ve tried messing around with things like adding “X Screens” in the Nvidia X Server settings but wasn’t able to add an X Screen successfully, and I really don’t know what X screens actually are.

Alright, enabling Proton has fixed the problem, but I would still like some info on what caused the problem and if it’s something to worry about.

Probably a configuration to do in game on the Linux version (when you don’t enable Proton Compatibility for the game).

I’ve found out what it is. ProtonDB’s search is down, but searching on Google to get the ProtonDB page. I found out I need to put in the launch option -vulkan.

no, not -vulcan

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