Dual monitor functionality

I have issues with 2 monitors , I don’t know how to switch wich monitor Im using , I’ve switched to Manjaro Linux quite recently and i dont know what commands are there , in Windows I was able to just move my mouse cursor to the other screen here im not able too at all .Some key combinations or stuff on how to operate would be nice and appreciated or if maybe my Setup does not work as intended. Thank you for help

Default shortcut is set the same as Windows: Meta+P.
Long way is System Settings->Display and Monitor->select monitor from dropdown and check Enabled->click Apply. Here you can also arrange the monitors, whether you want 1:1 copy or extension and if extension whether it’s top-left-right-bottom, up to you.
Convenient way without the need to remember the shortcut is to drop Display Configuration widget to system tray or desktop, you choose wherever you like it to be.

P.S.: learn how to put comma and stop in your writing correctly.

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