Dual GPU, Dual Monitor setup


Im pretty new to Manjaro and this is my first post here.
I have 2 Graphic Cards on my PC, 1 Nvidia 1650 Super and the other one is Nvidia GT 610. Im trying to have a dual-monitor setup. I have proprietary drivers installed for the 1650S (since it was the only card I was using for a few days). But after I added the GT 610, the display didn’t seem to work with it. There was no display on the 2nd monitor, and even when the gt610 was the only card being used it did not display anything. The card is getting detected along with 1650S when I checked in the “Hardware Configuration” section in KDE Settings

There appears to be some driver conflict too, as the GT 610 uses the 390xx drivers I believe?
I searched for related posts in the forum and Wiki but most of them seemed to be about nvidia-intel iGPU on laptops.

I will post any further information about the system if required.


Not a very fortunate scenario. With the new drivers i don’t think you will make them work.

Why not connecting both monitors to the 1650 ?

My 2nd monitor has only VGA port(the DVI seems to be broken) and 1650 does not have VGA output, so I need the gt 610 for that. And I’m also planning to build a windows VM with PCIe passthrough for gaming In the near future, so I guess I’ll need it for that.
Is there no way I can get the gt610 to work?

Not a very fortunate scenario. With the new drivers i don’t think you will make them work.

Is this specific to Manjaro or is it not possible in any linux distro(arch maybe)?
I really want this setup to work without having to buy another gpu or something.
Thank you for your reply.

Might be related with the Nvidia driver

is specific to the drives version.
You will have to install 390xx version and have them both probably work, but then you lose any CUDA related abilities …

Might be related with the Nvidia driver

No no that’s not the issue. There is physical damage on the DVI input port on the monitor.
And my2nd monitor is really old, it does not have HDMI or Display port

Ah, ok. The situation is less fortunate then … and the only variant to use the two GPUs is to install the 390xx drivers and probably easier to boot with nomodeset kernel boot parameter.

Hey the dual monitor worked fine when I tried it with the open source driver.

So I want to know if there is a way I can switch between the drivers easily? By disabling the other one.

That is nouveau and is one single driver regardless the GPU model, that is why it worked, but has its quirks and lot of limitations, especially when comes to gaming and 3D blender/CUDA related work.

Uninstall one, install the other, reboot. But that is not an easy way, as the proprietary drivers will write config files to block nouveau.

I’m not worried about the Performance hit since I won’t be gaming or doing any GPU intensive task while on 2 monitors, just coding, browsing and stuff.
But what kind of problems will I get if I do this removing/installing of free and non free driver, and do you know any way to solve or avoid issues?

And also will it be better if install/uninstall and reboot with the new Nvidia driver and old 390xx driver instead of doing it with new Nvidia driver and Nouveau?
Will the older driver even work for the new card?

Thank you soo much for your time in answering these questions!!