Dual DP LG ultrafine 5k display sync issues

Is it possible KDE see two displays as a unified one?
The new kernel 5.91 enables 5k resolution that’s for each display you have 2560*2880 resolution.

But KDE still see this two as separated displays. In the following screen shot you can see that the following problems.

    1. When expanding to full screen, app will expand to the left/ right, if it is in the left/right side.
    1. The image in the center is broken, you will see double vision with 2 cm distance, but in the screenshot it is not broken(strange, what you got is not what you see).
    1. the wall paper will not see the desktop as a unified one display, it only engages the primary one. You can see this when you change wallpaper.
    1. The log out screen will appear on both left and right. However the log in screen see the two as one.

Will add pic later because I am not allowed to attach pic or link as new user.

The magic extension for xorg is xinerama.

Here is simple gui:


Yes you are:


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