Dual displays on DP/HDMI with Ryzen 9

I’m setting up a new system with Ryzen 9 7950X3D cpu, without a dedicated graphics card, so using iGPU’s both DP and HDMI outputs connecting to two displays. One is Dell 27" 4K, the other is Dell 25" QHD 1440p. The displays work well with kernel 6.1.44 LTS, but after upgrading to 6.4.9 or 6.5.0RC5, the 27" 4K display is blank grey after login, the 25" 1440p works fine. They both can show SDDM login screen correctly. I’m using Wayland session. What can I do to fix this? Thank you.

possibly related to

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i would switch to x11 at login as first test. if it works then it’s someting related to wayland.
second, i would never use a “release candidate”-kernel and expect that it works ! That’s complete BS. The only reason to use such a rc-candidate is when it would integrate support to a very,very new hardware that i have to use and only using a rc-kernel can solve it temporarily. rc-kernel is for playchilds, there’s no reason otherwise.
there are a lot of problems already reported to 6.4.xx-series. maybe the reason they changed such fast to 6.5.xx-numbering.
i would recommend to get back to 6.1 and wait until the actual kernel-mess is fixed.

Seems unlikely. My screen wasn’t grey, it got no signal and went to standby. Also the issue occured before I added the second screen and persisted when I did to rule out my display. I also tried to connect the iGPU to check, if maybe for some reason it had become primary.

Building 6.4.12 from AUR linux-amd works.
6.4/6.5 is needed for correct CPU frequency boost and scaling, with kernel arg amd_pstate=guided. RC version is fine for desktop system.

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