Dual desktop Gnome and KDE - theming issue

I installed Manjaro Gnome and then I installed KDE as the second desktop environment and after installing I encounter these problems!

How to solve it?

This is not a Manjaro problem but a user problem.

Decide for one and remove the other.

There has been a couple of topics discussing why it is a bad idea to mix Gnome and Plasma.

Please see Search results for 'install gnome and plasma on same system' - Manjaro Linux Forum

Some even claim it has never been proved it is a bad idea.

Your topic is a fine example of why you shouldn’t mix Gnome and Plasma.

I renamed your topic to reflect the real issue

Nice picture - I don’t see any problems in it or with it. :wink:
Plasma seems to be in use …

  1. Decide which DE you want to use.
  2. Reinstall Manjaro with only the DE you want to use.
  3. Do not install any other DEs.
  4. Enjoy Manjaro

P.S: I suggest KDE (it works well with Wayland if using amdgpu).


That’s the solution, but I can’t decide what to use kde or gnome as the two are the most popular!
But there is a way to install manjaro a arch linux installation?

Do you use an AMD or Nvidia graphics card?

Or, better still, could you provide output from this command?

inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width

We might be able to help you choose, if we know more about your system.

I use amd (on real machine)!

These are screenshots on VMWare Workstation 17

Please, stop posting pictures if you could have posted the text, alternatively.

@linux-aarhus told you all you need to know - mixing Plasma and Gnome in one install is a no-brainer and always has been. If you like both DE’s, implement a dual boot case, use the same user name then and share all your data in a separate data partition which both installs can access, then you can quickly switch and have full access to all your data. :wink:

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OK, then I’d recommend KDE rather than Gnome.

Now, you can delete those screenshots (they annoy the older folk).


Sorry but I can’t copy text because I don’t want to install VMware tools and I need to screenshot these

How?Please help me!

@VictorGeorgianDragan I restored the replies you deleted. Installing Manjaro in a virtual machine using proprietary tools makes a huge difference versus installing normally. Helpful volunteers need more information in order to help you.

Please see: