Dual booting without making a bootable USB

Hello, is it possible to somehow dual boot Windows and Manjaro without making a bootable USB?

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How you want to install Manjaro if not with a bootable USB? You could use a CD or DVD drive of course if you have it but installation always start from an ISO file, at least if that’s the first Linux system you install. What is the problem with using an USB stick?

I have no problems in using a USB stick but the USB stick which I have, it is a little old and I doubt that making it a bootable USB might corrupt the files in it. Also, I doubt using UNetbootin will help me, I was checking this video which uses UNetbootin, it can be found here: youtube.[com]/watch?v=MsVGIvbp19g

Spend 5 bucks, buy a new one. Use Etcher from Windows and you should be fine.

Okay, but is the UNetbootin way a legit way to do dual booting?

Could be but really not worth to waste time with.

I’d say, try and let’s see what happens.

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Yes, I was thinking the same. I’ll just get a USB instead. Thanks for your response!

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