Dual booting Windows 11 after installing Manjaro KDE-Plasma

I recently got the KDE-Plasma build of Manjaro to replace my Windows 11. I love KDE right now but I made the whole drive the root partition. I want to install windows 11 again with KDE but I can’t make any partitions and the boot-menu won’t detect my USB. When it does it says bootable device not found. Is there any way to either dual boot and install windows again after having manjaro on the whole drive or can I uninstall manjaro as a whole and install windows again? I’m really struggling right now and I also tried making VMs with GPU passthrough but my system isn’t strong enough for me to run. Any help would be appreciated!

Create a Timeshift backup before doing anything.
Windows can be installed alongside Manjaro, but first you have boot from a live Manjaro USB and shrink the root partition of Manjaro with Gparted or KDE Partition Manager. Then you can boot from a live Windows USB and install Windows on the shrunk free space.
Also, You can use Ventoy to create the bootable media for Manjaro and Windows.

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You probably need to resolve this first… there are tutorials available such as this one:

Of course you can uninstall or overwrite the whole thing.
You can also partition the drive into the 2 OSs.
Do be warned: Resizing a partition with data on it always runs the risk of corruption.


Thank you so much to both of you! Have a great day/night!

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