Dual Booting Windows 10

Has anyone else experienced issues with dual booting Manjaro and Windows 10?

I had been using grub2 to manage the boot process. However, I kept getting issues with 10 updates not completing. After a lot of wasted time I eventually managed to track this down to a possible issue with grub managing the boot process.

I am not using uefi boot. So this might also be an issue?

I fixed the issue by restoring the windows boot mbr and then using easyBCD to manage the dual boot process.

Can someone help advise if there is a better way to manage dual booting and keep grub2 or use bcedit to create a dual boot menu?

Anyone else having these issues?

Grub finds my Win10 partition on separate hard drive and lists it on own line in menu while booting.

Perhaps try a grub update?

I am dual booting from one drive on a laptop.

Grub updates installed as recently changed to a new kernel.

Can you please share with us

inxi -Fxxxza --no-host
sudo fdisk -l
sudo fdisk -l
sudo efibootmgr -v

Usually, dual booting with legacy (BIOS) and msdos parted disk (with MBR) is pretty robust since Linux only “hijacks” the MBR and grub easily boots the W10 partition. :thinking:

If Windoze really wipes the MBR (which would be a wicked approach) then you can simple restore it from a Manjaro live ISO using grub-install.