Dual Booting Manjaro KDE with macOS

I want to dual boot Manjaro KDE with macOS. Are there any precautions I should take and any instructions that are good to follow? My computer is from 2014 and doesn’t have the M1 chip.

Hi RD02

Back up first! It’s pretty easy to unintentionally erase your macOS partition. Remember if you partition your disk it will be smaller than your backup and it will be not easy to recover your Time Machine backup.

Make yourselfe a recovery usb stick for macOS to be save.

If you have a bluetooth keyboard it will sometimes not work to enter the boot loader or the encryption password, once you only installed Linux. Afterwards it works fine. Just have a backup cable keyboard …

Why not try Gnome, coming from macOS I think it’s way better. I love it and trashed macOS that I used for the past 20 years.

Good luck


That won’t be enough info. First you need to find out your model identifier, e.g. 2014 mbp 11,2 (Lookup Mac Specs By Serial Number, Order, Model & EMC Number, Model ID @ EveryMac.com). Then search ‘arch wiki linux macbook 2014’ and you get MacBookPro11,x - ArchWiki which has all info you’ll need. Shouldn’t be too tricky with the 2014 models, no refit/refind boot needed.

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Version: 11.6
CPU: Dual Core Intel i5
If you need more info, please notify.

Thank you! I have created backups. I really like the look and workflow of KDE, so that’s why I want to use that version. I’ll try GNOME in a VM as well.