Dual boot with install on 2 disk, sdd(win10), hdd(manjaro) what about bootloader uefi?

I’m a laptop with:

  • 100gb SDD win 10 installed
  • 1TB hdd, with a 3 partitions:
  • 1 free I created to install Manjaro
  • 1 ntfs for data
  • 1 Recover partition of win10.

Secure boot is disable.
In win10, system information says BIOS mode UEFI

I feel insecure that the dual boot won’t work, because of wrong config.

How do I configure the install so that Manjaro (KDE) is installed on the free HDD partition?
Aka root, home and no swap all on the HDD.

Where need to go the boot loader?
Screenshots follows

No flag selected, correct? As root & home on this partition

The SDD disk with win10:

Minimum is that:

After Installation, don’t reboot and check again if the flag boot, esp (or boot) is really set for /dev/sdb7 on kparted (or gparted). If not, then correct it.

I’m getting it the answer.
there is no sdb7.

the screenshot of the sdd drive, is without any change. I just cancel install, because I thought I don’t know what I’m doing here.

Sure… it is not there… you have to create one…

You need to create 2 partitions at least as described on the first picture.

I’m not getting it.
If I install with one OS, then one partition for manjaro and one for the data, grub find its way.
But in this case I’m lost.
What do you mean by on the HDD partition “only root and no efi partition”.
How do you check the “no efi partition”?

If I need a partition on SDD how big and what formating?
On this sdb7 will be the boatloader? Why not on the hdd?

Here’s a screenshot of disk manager under win10

P.S. I didn’t created this free space on SDD

I mean, that there is only one partition which has the mountpoint / and there no efi partition created, which is needed.

It doesn’t matter which HDD or SSD. It just have to be efi partition of at least 100MB space with the mountpoint /boot/efi and a root partition of at least 10GB space with mountpoint / .

So it was just an example:

  1. efi partition → FAT32 → /boot/efi → flag: boot
  2. root partition → ext4 → /

Grub will be on root and the efi partition is for UEFI Bootloader, which loads the Grub Bootloader.

I see min 100Mb in fat 32, recommanded 550Mb.

So, most common size guideline for EFI System Partition is between 100 MB to 550 MB. One of the reason behind this is it is difficult to resize later as it is the first partition on the drive. EFI partition may contain languages, fonts, BIOS firmware, other firmware related stuffs. There are some firmware/software that are installed into the the EFI partition instead of the data drive.

So there is less risk if in the free space on HDD,
if I split the created free space in two, in order to create a first primary of 550mb FAT32 and the rest ext4 for Manjaro?

Regarding the SDD, I should plain forget about it.

The only thing I still wonder, presently at boot menu I do not see the HDD as a boot option.
Will then this be ok after Manjaro install.

But reading EFI system partition - ArchWiki
" Check for an existing partition

If you are installing Arch Linux on an UEFI-capable computer with an installed operating system, like Windows 10 for example, it is very likely that you already have an EFI system partition.

If you found an existing EFI system partition, simply proceed to #Mount the partition. If you did not find one, you will need to create it, proceed to #Create the partition."

So I ought not to create a EFI partition ???


Again: It doesnt matter where the efi partition is created and if it is frst or last, it just have to be mounted and flagged correctly.

No idea what you mean by this, but Manjaro creates an entry at your uefi bootloader.

Your choice. I create always a small efi partition for each OS. This way it is really separated. In the past Windows recreated the efi partition and destroy this way the grub boot, if both OS share one efi partition.

So in summary.
From your good comment that " I create always a small efi partition for each OS."
I just discarded the sdd.
I installed everything onto the hdd, aka
I created with GParted a fat32 efi partition of 160mb and an ext4 partition for Manjaro.
efi flags are esp & boot.
Then in the install process:
I set efi mounting point to boot/efi
I set ext4 partition mounting point to /
and everything’s ok.


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