Dual Boot Windows 7

I have Installed Manjaro Xfce but know i want To dual boot with window 7 to play games and xfce for rest of the things.

Internet Tutorials Are Windows + Linux
But I want Linux + Windows.
i mean Installing Linux came with an option to install side by side, but windows doesn’t, so someone can explain me the procedure from making partition to Installing.
And can windows explore linux files and vice versa

  1. Shrink the partition/s.
  2. Boot Windows Setup and do the advanced partitioning there. Choose the unallocated space there and keep sure it creates its own efi partition (if UEFI), if BIOS, then you have reinstall grub.
  3. Check the UEFI Bootloader, so that it starts Manjaro first.

There is a windows driver for ext2/3/4, but should be only used in read mode. Better would be creating a fat32 or exfat partition for exchange or maybe NTFS (but I do not recommend this)

Lnux supports NTFS, but can’t change ALC (meant: Windows permissions), this feature is just in read mode and changes are just temporary when done on Linux.

maximum and minimum size are same, how am i supposed create a new partition
unallocated space is 2.49 mb

Don’t create a new partition there. Windows Setup will do this at advanced option. Just shrink it.

BTW: This have to be done on a live session, since it is your root partition. :wink:

And how to shrink the partition

in simple

  1. Create Windows Bootable drive
  2. Boot Up My laptop
  3. During Windows 7 installation create a new partition
  4. Dual Boot ready
    is this right ??

Honestly? ok…

that slider didn’t work.


Maybe i am annoying you asking again, but can you you use more simple english to make me understand, english isn’t my mother tounge

  1. Since it is BIOS: Boot a live session, chroot and reinstall grub (because windows overwrites the MBR)


Since i installed manjaro a week ago, i don’t have something special in my hard drive so:

  1. During Installation of window7 i format full hard drive and create two partitions and install windows in one of them.
  2. After Successfull installation i install Manjaro xfce again on another one

Ich spreche Deutsch, Englisch ist meine zweite Sprache.
I speak German, English my second language.

is this process write
if yes than please explain about third partition (to share files as you mentioned above)

Yes, this should work.

I am sorry, but what exactly did you not understand?

To access file from one os to another partition or another os

To mount a drive?

mkdir ~/folder-for-share/
sudo mount /dev/sda1  ~/folder-for-share/

Now you have the content of the first partition in that folder.

And how to access from windows

Ohh I remember, explorer windows can have access to other drives and then I can mount them to linux