[Dual boot Windows 10-Manjaro] How to re-install bootloader

One day, my Windows 10 entry disappeared and the bootloader was seemingly broken. I repaired it, but after that I wasn’t able to access Manjaro. The Linux entry isn’t there anymore. I know the Linux drive still exists since I can access it from Windows. How should I fix this and re-install Grub and be able to dual boot?

You can follow one of 2 guides:



For the 2nd one, just select grub instead of refind at the end.

I tried everything, but it doesn’t seem to recognise my Linux partition. I think my EFI partition only has Windows 10. What to do?

Make sure Secure Boot and Fast Boot are disabled in your firmware and Windoze is completely shutdown, not going into hibernation mode (as it often does).

Then you could with start providing essential information. Boot into a LIVE ISO, manjaro-chroot into your system and within the chroot environment post output of:

inxi -Fazy
efibootmgr -v
parted -l
cat /etc/fstab
cat /etc/default/grub

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