Dual boot repair

Hi, I was boot repairing after a manjaro install on dual boot with windows. This time the live Usb with Boot Repair could not solve the problem. I tells me to do the following command:

sudo chroot "mnt/boot-sav/sdd2" pacman -R grub*-common shim-signed

When i execute it it gives the following error:

error: target not found: grub*-common
error: target not found: shim-signed

This is the pastebin from the Boot Repair report.

In a single command? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It asks for an account log in.

That command is what the Boot Repair tool suggested.

New link that does not require a login.

The way i see it, chroot doesn’t see grub*-common shim-signed as arguments for pacman, but rather other commands to execute.

Enclosing the whole pacman command in quotes might do the trick:

sudo chroot "mnt/boot-sav/sdd2" 'pacman -R grub*-common shim-signed'

Or passing the commands separately:

sudo chroot "mnt/boot-sav/sdd2"
pacman -R grub*-common shim-signed

Otherwise, i can forward you to this guide: [How To] Save your Manjaro installation when it breaks

Doing them separated gives the same output, chroot works, but pacman does not. Enclosing in quotes does not work. The problem is that grub*-common and shim-signed are not installed. Listing all installed packages and filtering grub ones I have:

  • grub
  • grub-btrfs
  • grub-theme-manjaro

The objective of this command is to remove grub to later reinstall it. Shall I remove these 3?