Dual-boot Manjaro Linux with Win-10 without GRUB

Hello. I am a Pop OS user and i use it alongside Win-10 on GPT/UEFI. I want to switch to Manjaro. Pop Os doesnot install the grub since it uses system-d and we can choose which OS we want to use by pressing f12 and selecting the specific OS. However i have used Manjaro in past and know that it uses grub. Is there a way to avoid installing grub and dual-boot Manjaro and Win-10, just like that of Pop Os? I have read that Grub has its own advantage and its just “2 sec skip thing” i want to switch between Manjaro and Win-10 using regular f12 option and not grub. Also, can I get rid of grub by not enabling the “boot-grub” flag on my /boot partition, during normal installation?

PS: Any articles, blogs, video, documentation would be really helpful. I searched but didnt really get the on-point one.

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Hello @zero :wink:

With Architect you can install Manjaro with systemd-boot. The official calamares graphical installer does not support it.


Make sure to make a backup of your ESP, because the last time i tried the systemd-boot of Manjaro/Architect it cleared all my loader entries !

PS: I’m currently using sd-boot after i manually recovered my loader entries…
I mounted the ESP at /efi and did a bind-mount of /boot from a subdir of the ESP because you need the kernel and ramdisk in the ESP also…

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I am looking for this very exact solution please do let me know if you do find any easy solution to it.
Thank You.