Dual boot mac os manjaro issues

Having successfully used refind to add a bootloader to my mac i was able to install manjaro via a flashed usb however i have two issues. The first and most significant is that even though manjaro clearly installed on a smaller partition it refuses to go to refind when booting and goes straight into manjaro denying me access to the mac partition. Second issue is that it won’t recognise my wireless keyboard. I completed my installation by copying and pasting letters from firefox but am clearly going to have to buy a wired keyboard to access terminal with its uncopiable enter key. The annoying thing is that it clearly sees my wireless keyboard in the bluetooth connection tool but won’t connect.

Apple hardware is tightly integrated mac OS and as such there has always been an always will be issues which is hard to solve.

While I understand the desire to run Manjaro - Apple hardware is not the best choice for running Manjaro - that is - almost any kind of operating system not endorsed by Apple are bound to have trouble.

The best you can do is to run what ever version of mac OS that can be installed and then run Manjaro in VirtualBox.


Ok but i need a practical way to access refind or possibly install another bootloader if this doesnt work. Any suggestions?