Dtb(o) configuration on Manjaro ARM with Sway

Hello, I’m want to use Manjaro ARM on Raspberry Pi 4B

I use a DPI monitor that needs additional configuration as described on waveshare wiki for 7inch_LCD_for_Pi (cannot include the link so copy):
Add to /config.txt:


Copy a file Vc4-kms-DPI-7inch.dtbo to /overlays

This worked well on Manjaro ARM with Gnome, but once I prepared sdcard with Manjaro ARM Sway I noticed that the file structure seem to be different:

  • There is no config.txt in root folder
  • There is no /overlays folder either

I’ve noticed that dtb files are stored in /dtbs/(brand)/ folder in “boot” partition.
I tried to replicate this structure with my dtbo (while creating config.txt in root folder) - so I put it to /dtbs/waveshare/vc4…dtbo

But that didn’t work, I tried to google what would be the way to manage dtb files but couldn’t even understand if dtbo is same kind of resource as just dtb.

So if some of you knows better about device tree files and how to manage them in Manjaro ARM sway and can help me to adapt instructions I’d be very grateful.

What image did you install? Sounds like you have an upstream kernel install.


I’ve downloaded the image from Manjaro Downloads

Compared to the images you’ve linked, my image has “generic” instead of “rpi4” in it’s name. I will try rpi4 one and write an update

Some get confused and do not change the defaul “generic” before downloading.

Yes, it worked.

I understand now, gnome version worked because I probably have chosen “Raspberry pi” when downloading. To be honest I didn’t realize that this option has any effect as nothing changed in the download list (visibly, now I understand that links have changed) so I even thought that dropdown doesn’t work.

Thank you, it works great now!

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You have a more up to date image now than the links in the main Download page.

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