DSLR camera for recording high quality videos through OBS on Linux

I run Manjaro KDE Wayland and I want to create high quality YouTube videos. I’m trying to find a good camera that I can connect though USB to my desktop to record through OBS, but also have it being portable to record in a outside area using a tripod and saving to internal storage or SD card

Which camera would you recommend? I do not want those 10-15 years old canon or Nikon DSLR, I would prefer something newer.

Would this be able to work abs be recognized easily if it was plugged in or it would need special drivers and set up?


I find no info on if it works on linux or not, but you should probably make sure before investing.

But wait and see if they respond to this on the Q & A, that I assume is you…

· 6 hours ago

WIll this plug-and-play with Linux? I run Manjaro KDE wayland and while webcams work out of the box without drivers with OBS and Teams I wonder if this camera will work out of the box in full quality and resolution on Linux Wayland without special drivers

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